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EmpowHer Institute's mission is to empower marginalized teen girls by helping them gain the skills necessary through education, training and mentorship to seek fulfilling and productive lives.

One of the big benefits of the Girls to Greatness Luncheon was to increase the number of girls who have the opportunity to get exposed to skills for the 21st century. EmpowHer wanted to send more than 10 girls to science, technology, engineering and math camp. Because of the generous donations from our luncheon attendees, we will have 15 girls going to two UC campuses, University San Diego and UCLA. Congratulations to the girls selected to attend and a warm 'thank you' to our donors.



EmpowHer believes it's our business to connect with marginalized teen girls, introduce them to their talents and capabilities, and teach them life skills so they'll be less likely to drop out of school and more likely to earn a better future for themselves and for their families.We believe it's not just their future at stake; the future for these girls-our girls-is also our future. At some point in our lives, most of us have been on one side of the fence or the other—sometimes we’ve needed someone’s help and sometimes we’ve been able to give help to others.If you are currently in the position to help EmpowHer girls, please consider the following:
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