Empowher Institute   ♦  Our Girls. Our Business. Our Future

EmpowHer Institute's mission is to empower girls and women by helping them gain the skills necessary through education, training and entrepreneurship to seek fulfilling and productive lives.

EmpowHer Understands That Our Girls Are Our Future

EmpowHer believes it's our business to connect with at-risk girls, introduce them to their talents and capabilities, and teach them entrepreneurial skills so they'll be less likely to drop out of school and more likely to earn a better future for themselves and for their communities.

We believe it's not just their future at stake; the future for these girls-our girls-is also our future.

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Girls to Greatness Luncheon

on April 26, 2014. This is the time of year that we celebrate amazing women in our community who are trailblazers and path makers. These are women who are making it possible for other girls and women to advance with fewer obstacles than the past generation. Our annual fundraiser allows us to fund our programs to keep teen girls in school and graduating on time. Please join us in this celebration at the Beverly Hills Hotel. You can get your ticket by clicking on this link: Click here to learn more.

EmpowHer Inspires At-Risk Girls to Stay in School