EmpowHer Girls Academy Kick Off

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Our Kick-Off Event for the start of the school year was an opportunity for parents to hear more about EmpowHer and the vision behind our Girls Academy program. The girls wrote down one characteristic that they love about themselves and shared it with the class. They also got to say one thing they liked about someone else in the class, which excited the girls! Each girl got to share one characteristic she loves about herself with her parents and the class. This was followed by Keyonna, our Program Director and Jessica, our Program Coordinator presenting the benefits of the EmpowHer program. They went over what the girls will get to be a part of through EmpowHer and the important role that our parents play in the program. The school year is off to a great start!

We also got to launch our Giving Tuesday campaign at the Kick Off! Starting this Tuesday, we’re going to be highlighting an EmpowHer girl or teacher every Tuesday. You’ll get to hear more about their stories, passions, and what they love about EmpowHer! Look out for our hashtags #EmpowHeredtoGive, #GiveTodayChangeTheirTomorrow, and #GivingTuesday for our Giving Tuesday campaign on Facebook and Instagram!


Mount Saint Mary’s University Women’s Leadership Conference

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For the second year our CEO, Betty LaMarr has joined MSMU as a speaker in the 2017 Women’s Leadership Conference. She was joined by a group of powerful women who were empowering as panelists at Mount Saint Mary’s University Women’s Leadership Conference.  Asha Dahya, Megan Sette, Keisha Nix, Luz Rivas, Betty LaMarr. They brought the topic alive: The Power of We: Fueling Conscious Communities. We believe that it is important for everyone to become part of the community and show concern for your fellow citizens. Whether you volunteer, advocate for change, ensure that there is justice and equity for all or donate, there is something for everyone, was the message.


STEAM Summer Camp with Lucas Scholars

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EmpowHer Institute girls from two partner schools participated in a week long science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) program. We partnered with
Lucas Scholars. The program is a one week STEAM and project-based learning camp known as Lucas Scholars. The mission of Lucas Scholars is to provide under-served students access and experience with innovative technology that supports joy and exploration. The program is free of charge, offers access to mentors and asks that students work together, have fun and view themselves as scholars.

On the final day the students had an exhibit of their projects. We were so proud of the team work and creativity of our girls from Environmental Charter Middle School-Inglewood and Gardena. They created projects that defied gravity and saved marine animals. I was pleased to hear them say that they learned a lot from their failures. What an opportunity for our girls!

The State of Women Inaugural Summit in Los Angeles

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The Inaugural State of Women Summit was held in Los Angeles on International Women’s Day, March 8th. EmpowHer Institute was invited to participate as a partner organization by the founder, Anu Bhardwaj. Many women of EmpowHer participated in this awe inspired day. The premise of this conference according to  Anu Bhardwaj, is rooted in our economic power.  In 2020, it is estimated that women will control $20 Trillion dollars of investable capital which is equivalent to twice the GDP of  India and China combined. Our world is approaching an unprecedented era in which women are more connected on social media than men, and in an opportune position to reshape the world with innovations that could lead to a more peaceful and prosperous world. Women INVESTING in Women DIGITAL aims to be the epicenter of this incredible new world by connecting capital with the next generation of women, men, boys, and girls committed to improving global economic security of women and girls worldwide.

The conference brought together investors and women with passion and purpose. The speakers and panelists had some inspiring stories to share and called on us all to use our Voice, Power and Money.  To those of us joining the global narrative, we must never underestimate the power of our voice and what this means to those who are condemned to a life of silence through a divide that is beyond digital. Much work was done before us and much work lies ahead of us.

Girls to Greatness Sending More Girls to Summer STEM Camp

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One of the big benefits of the Girls to Greatness Luncheon was to increase the number of girls who have the opportunity to get exposed to skills for the 21st century. EmpowHer wanted to send more than 10 girls to science, technology, engineering and math camp. Because of the generous donations from our luncheon attendees, we will have 15 girls going to two UC campuses, University San Diego and UCLA. Congratulations to the girls selected to attend and a warm ‘thank you’ to our donors.

Dawnn Lewis G2GLAGC at G2G Honorees3 Martha-Daniel-Maronya Fun Rountable EHI Board w-Dot HarrisMusette Buckley G2G Dot Harris Pathmaker Betty and girls Rene Nourse

Support EmpowHer On Giving Tuesday

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Giving Tuesday Screenshot-2014-06-03-09.25.49 We know that so many of you contribute to other charities,so we would like to ask you to do something different this year and donate to EmpowHer Institute. The work we do is changing the future for the 200 teen girls we work with annually. Consider making a donation to create an experience these girls have never had before, seeing a live stage production of Hot Chocolate Nutcracker. Donate $20 for a seat and lunch after the show.
Please donate to this worthy cause and help make a difference!

Humanitarian Award for Betty LaMarr, CEO of EmpowHer Institute

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Our CEO, Betty LaMarr, received the Humanitarian Award for the work we do at EmpowHer Institute. This honor was awarded by FRIENDS OF FULLER (FOF) a charitable organization dedicated to honoring the life and legacy of Fuller B. Gordy, by recognizing outstanding, yet unsung individuals and organizations striving to make the world a better place. They assist those who educate and inspire youth and work to maintain the support systems that uplift the disadvantaged.

The event was held at Universal Studios at Jillian’s Bowling Alley in honor of Fuller B. Gordy being the first Black professional bowler. It was a fun evening with lots of Motown music, stars and memories.

Strikefest v2

Iris Gordy (Co-Founder), Rickeyna (student), B. LaMarr (C), Karla Gordy Bristol (Co-Founder)



Board Members at Strikefest v2 (800x532)

Betty LaMarr, Marilyn Priestley, Claudia Alleyne, Lisa Nicole Bell


Students Study STEAM and Learn to Surf

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Partnering with Digital Media Academy eight EmpowHer Girls were given scholarships to attend a week long class at UC San Diego that allowed them to study science, technology, engineering, arts and math while also learning to surf for the first time. They were able to work with a film crew while they played in the water and then go back to class to edit the film. The week long camp also gave them the opportunity to meet UCSD female Engineering students like Jackie Tran who is majoring in Chemical Engineering. She shared some encouraging words with the girls during a round table discussion. Take a look at the video to see how much fun they had.