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EmpowHer Girls and Girls’, Inc of Alameda to Attend WITI Conference

EmpowHer and Girls’ Inc of Alameda are partnering with Women in Technology International (WITI) to expose girls to technology careers. The girls will attend a micro conference called Next-Gen inside the larger conference. This micro-conference on Monday, June 4th, is designed to encourage  girls to consider careers in Science and Technology. Leading women in Technology will teach, mentor, and share with students through speaking engagements, mentoring panels, workshops and roundtable discussions highlighting how these women of note chose their path while reinforcing the importance of demonstrated leadership. The day will feature an opportunity to have lunch with distinguished members of the WITI Board of Advisors and Directors as well as WITI Hall of Fame Honorees

Girls in the Empowered Girls’ Program had to write essays to qualify for one of the 10 spots that will give them an overnight stay at the Marriott Hotel in Santa Clara and travel by air to San Jose, California with their teacher chaperones. The girls expressed their desire to learn more about science and technology so they could one day make changes that would improve the lives of others. They believe that more women are not in technology because others don’t think they are good enough. These girls are determined to prove them wrong. Many of them have visions of being astronauts, architects, engineers and doctors. We believe they are more than capable.

Environmental Charter Middle School Girls