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The Advantage of Being an EmpowHer Leadership Council Member

By August 14, 2012May 7th, 2024Uncategorized

There are many reasons to become an EmpowHer Leadership Council member. As a member some of the benefits will be:

  • Contribute to solving one of the largest social epidemics in our country, high school dropout rates of 50% and more.
  • Have close contact in ongoing networking and social activities with like-minded, fun and successful professionals
  • Participate in high profile fundraising events
  • Gain access to EmpowHer Institute board members, who are made up of senior executives of major corporations, businesses, law firms, etc.
  • Receive charitable board-level personal development and the potential to eventually join the EmpowHer Institute Board of Directors
  • Receive hands-on experience to become acquainted with staff, organization structures, company mission, vision, strategic plan, as well as policies and procedures

Join this elite group of women and men making a difference. Complete the application: EHI Leadership Council Application.