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Empowher Social Media Soft Launch: Participate in #50to100 and #ThankfulThursdays

By June 5, 2014May 7th, 2024Uncategorized

Social media campaigns: #50to100 and #ThankfulThursdays

We are in the process of giving our social media pages a boost, but need your help. We know you can make this a huge success while creating awareness about the issues our girls face. For the summer we are launching two social media campaigns: #50to100 and #ThankfulThursdays.

If you have been on our page lately you may have come across our video that examines the graduation rates of inner city girls in Los Angeles County. Currently only 50% of girls are graduating from high school on time, but we can change this. The social media campaign #50to100 aims to bring awareness to this issue and show others that we are doing something in our communities and they can too!

We challenge you to post on your social media pages how you are helping to make 50% of girls who graduate become 100% of girls who graduate. Below please find a few suggested posts, but feel free to make it your own of course and don’t forget to use the #50to100! Also, feel free to post in any language!

Suggested posts for #50to100

-Did you know that only 50% of inner city girls graduate from high school in Los Angeles? I contribute by volunteering with @Empowher. #50to100

-Post a photo of yourself with a sign. Caption: Help us make 50% become 100%. #50to100

-I support @empowHer in order to make #50to100


If you are a social media junkie you may have noticed designated days for happenings throughout the week. Some of these include #TBT which is throwback Thursday. On this day several people will post an old baby picture, an old song or an event that happened in the past. Another day is #MotivationMondays whereby people will post a motivational phrase or photo.

We are launching our own day which is #ThankfulThursdays. We encourage you to post what or who you are thankful for when it comes to Empowher. Also feel free to post something about a woman who has made a difference in your life and don’t forget to use #ThankfulThursdays and include our handle @Empowher so we may “like” “share” and “favorite” your posts on our pages.