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Humanitarian Award for Betty LaMarr, CEO of EmpowHer Institute

By November 9, 2014Uncategorized

Our CEO, Betty LaMarr, received the Humanitarian Award for the work we do at EmpowHer Institute. This honor was awarded by FRIENDS OF FULLER (FOF) a charitable organization dedicated to honoring the life and legacy of Fuller B. Gordy, by recognizing outstanding, yet unsung individuals and organizations striving to make the world a better place. They assist those who educate and inspire youth and work to maintain the support systems that uplift the disadvantaged.

The event was held at Universal Studios at Jillian’s Bowling Alley in honor of Fuller B. Gordy being the first Black professional bowler. It was a fun evening with lots of Motown music, stars and memories.

Strikefest v2

Iris Gordy (Co-Founder), Rickeyna (student), B. LaMarr (C), Karla Gordy Bristol (Co-Founder)



Board Members at Strikefest v2 (800x532)

Betty LaMarr, Marilyn Priestley, Claudia Alleyne, Lisa Nicole Bell