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By April 15, 2017May 7th, 2024Events

This year EmpowHer Institute undertook a unique way to raise funds through a peer-to-peer approach instead of our regular Gala Dinner event. On April 8 the EmpowHer Classic 100 Bowling Marathon, fundraiser came to a finale at X-Lanes in Downtown Los Angeles with more than 30 participants.

Prior to showing up to bowl the teams with 5 members put their fundraising strategies together to raise as much money as possible for the support of the girls only programs that are delivered to middle school teen girls in Title I partner schools. They all realized that helping others is one of the most important things in life. Each team was committed to shove, push, hurl and toss bowling balls until they played 100 frames for the cause.

Teams dressed in their fun outfits and had team names such as Power Puff Girls, EmpowHer Rangers, The Red Hot Mentors, EmpowHer Strikes Back, Powerful Ladies and The Strikers!

These teams were able to generate more than $72,500 and over 650 new individual donors! Thanks to every participant for his or her commitment, dedication with just a little competitiveness!