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EmpowHer Girls Academy Kick Off

By October 11, 2017May 7th, 2024Uncategorized

Our Kick-Off Event for the start of the school year was an opportunity for parents to hear more about EmpowHer and the vision behind our Girls Academy program. The girls wrote down one characteristic that they love about themselves and shared it with the class. They also got to say one thing they liked about someone else in the class, which excited the girls! Each girl got to share one characteristic she loves about herself with her parents and the class. This was followed by Keyonna, our Program Director and Jessica, our Program Coordinator presenting the benefits of the EmpowHer program. They went over what the girls will get to be a part of through EmpowHer and the important role that our parents play in the program. The school year is off to a great start!

We also got to launch our Giving Tuesday campaign at the Kick Off! Starting this Tuesday, we’re going to be highlighting an EmpowHer girl or teacher every Tuesday. You’ll get to hear more about their stories, passions, and what they love about EmpowHer! Look out for our hashtags #EmpowHeredtoGive, #GiveTodayChangeTheirTomorrow, and #GivingTuesday for our Giving Tuesday campaign on Facebook and Instagram!