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Interview with EmpowHer CEO–The Second Phase by Robyn Graham

By August 7, 2020In the News, Podcasts

The Power of One

Similarly, Betty wants us to know the power of ONE. ONE person can make a difference for many people by taking action on that ‘small’ vision. Betty didn’t realize that she was creating  a ‘movement’ that would contribute to gender and racial equity. But that is exactly what she and her organization do every day by empowering the girls and women that are involved with EmpowHER.

Together, through mentorship, they are changing the trajectory of those who once thought of themselves as voiceless. Each of us has the power to become part of a solution and help solve problems in society.

Betty is passionate about advocating for those who think they don’t have a voice. She is also passionate about helping girls and women reach their fullest potential. Mentorship is much like planting a seed and coming back months later to see this beautiful bloom!

Betty built her non-profit, EmpowHer around her passion. Passion leads to vision. Action, even on a small vision, can have a huge impact. Likewise, it takes confidence to take action. It’s often necessary to push fear aside. Doing so leads to positive action and inspiring results. LISTEN TO THE FULL PODCAST by clicking on the link below.