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    EmpowHer is the only gender-responsive organization in Los Angeles County that provides a social emotional learning course during the school day in middle and high schools. Our programs serve to support girls in developing the necessary skills to boldly break ceilings, embrace their voices, engage in social justice, and end generational cycles of poverty.

    • We partner with middle schools in underserved communities to deliver the EmpowHer Girls Academy Program to 7th and 8th grade girls. Credentialed teachers and counselors create a safe and nurturing environment where teen girls embrace their voice and talents, gain confidence and leadership skills, and explore college and career paths.
    • We deliver weekly in-school and after-school workshops in marginalized communities to deliver the EmpowHer Leaders Academy to high school-aged girls to support them in navigating adolescence and prepare for adulthood. Topics are explored through a social justice lens.
    • Professional women volunteer as mentors, exposing EmpowHer girls to careers in a multitude of industries and build positive relationships which result in EmpowHer girls feeling supported and encouraged to set and achieve personal, academic and career goals.

    The Center for Gender and Justice defines gender- responsive services as those that “creat[e] an environment through site selection, staff selection, program development, content, and material that reflects an understanding of the realities of the lives of women and girls and that addresses and responds to their strengths and challenges.”

    Girls of color live at the intersections of sexism, racism, and other forms of oppression. From being criminalized and over policed in schools and in their communities to experiencing higher rates of generational poverty leading to significant gender and racial wealth gaps. These systemic barriers lead to extreme levels of emotional and physical stress that threaten the quality and duration of our lives.

    And yet, continuously, Girls of Color are resilient, powerful leaders, and change-makers who are crucial to the democracy of America.

    EmpowHer Institute is committed to eradicating the systemic barriers girls of color face. Our programs serve to support girls in developing the necessary skills to boldly break ceilings, embrace their voices, engage in social justice, and eliminate generational cycles of poverty.



    To empower girls and young women in marginalized communities; helping them gain the skills  through education, training and mentorship to become confident, college and career ready.

    Who We Serve

    EmpowHer is dedicated to serving teen girls, ages 11-18 years old, in under-served communities. We partner with Title I middle and high schools to deliver our programs to girls who need it the most. 

    EmpowHer Girls Academy Program

    7th Grade


    8th Grade


    EmpowHer Leaders Academy Program









    From Low-Income Households