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Interview with EmpowHer CEO–The Second Phase by Robyn Graham

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The Power of One

Similarly, Betty wants us to know the power of ONE. ONE person can make a difference for many people by taking action on that ‘small’ vision. Betty didn’t realize that she was creating  a ‘movement’ that would contribute to gender and racial equity. But that is exactly what she and her organization do every day by empowering the girls and women that are involved with EmpowHER.

Together, through mentorship, they are changing the trajectory of those who once thought of themselves as voiceless. Each of us has the power to become part of a solution and help solve problems in society.

Betty is passionate about advocating for those who think they don’t have a voice. She is also passionate about helping girls and women reach their fullest potential. Mentorship is much like planting a seed and coming back months later to see this beautiful bloom!

Betty built her non-profit, EmpowHer around her passion. Passion leads to vision. Action, even on a small vision, can have a huge impact. Likewise, it takes confidence to take action. It’s often necessary to push fear aside. Doing so leads to positive action and inspiring results. LISTEN TO THE FULL PODCAST by clicking on the link below.

EmpowHer Students at Summer STEM Camp

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Lucas Scholars STEM Camp: For the second consecutive year, EmpowHer girls have the opportunity to participate in the Lucas Scholars STEM Camp. Ten EmpowHer girls along with other students across Los Angeles, will enjoy a week of hands-on STEM activities. They will learn robotics, coding, engineering and utilize the latest technology, including 3D printing machines, laser cutting machines and robots. The week culminates with an exhibit of projects, ceremony and BBQ on July 27th.

EmpowHer Hosts International Delegation

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This past Tuesday, EmpowHer Institute was asked by U.S. State Department  to host an international delegation from the Near East North Africa region conducting research on programs “Countering Extremist Messaging and Protecting Youth.” Hosted at the Lennox Library, EmpowHer was joined by local political leaders in education, Honorable Carliss Richardson McGhee of Inglewood School Board, Ms. Shannon Thomas Allen of Lennox School Board and community activist, James Nash. Members of the international delegation were from Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestinian Territories, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. There were 20 participants, including visitors and liaisons.

The group discussed a variety of important topics such as advocacy for girls, international programs, systemic injustice, and taking action. We loved sharing with them the work that EmpowHer has done and it was an honor to hear from the delegates as well. Thank you to the delegates for allowing EmpowHer to host the event!

Urban Wealth Management Community Partner Spotlight

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It is so great to have a community partner like Urban Wealth Management (UWM) and their team of professional women, Rene’ Nourse and Diane Manuel. They are a company that truly leads by example. We are grateful that they support the work EmpowHer Institute does for teen girls. Financial literacy is important for women and girls. UWM hosted a conference in January, New Year, New You where they covered many of these topics and made EmpowHer Institute one of the beneficiaries of the proceeds from ticket sales. This month they are featuring our CEO, Betty LaMarr in their newsletter on the topic of “Your Life, Your Legacy”. Full article can be read here: UWM Newsletter.

The mission of Urban Wealth Management is to provide a supportive and secure environment where women are encouraged to explore and learn to become more savvy with their money.

Thank you for believing in the teen girls who participate in the EmpowHer Girls Academy and the EmpowHer team who serves them.

Diane Manuel, CFP

Rene’ Nourse, Managing Director

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March is Women’s History Month

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Women of EmpowHer Institute

International Visitors

Day of Sisterhood

This is a time to celebrate the many women who have been a part of creating the spirit of EmpowHer Institute. They represent women who desire to lift as they climb. They are committed to making a difference in the lives of teen girls who may not have role models in their communities who can inspire them to greatness. These are the same women who values the support in ‘sisterhood’ and embrace sisters from all over the world. This photo was an opportunity to meet entrepreneurs from Nigeria who wanted to learn how we empower teen girls and why we need to empower our girls. These shared ideas were enlightening for them and their experiences were enlightening for the women of EmpowHer. Let March be the month that shows us how to treat each other all year long.

During the month of March you can find EmpowHer Institute women at some of the following events as speakers and participants.

The Inaugural State of Women Summit VESTED in the Economic Empowerment of Women & Girls

Women INVESTING in Women Presents The State of Women Inaugural Summit


The Inaugural Los Angeles State of Women and Girls Address and Young Women’…
Los Angeles, CA
by Mayor Eric Garcetti and First Lady Amy Elaine Wakeland

Mount Saint Mary’s University
Report on the Status of Women and Girls


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Conference Empowers Women to Take Control of Financial Future

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On Saturday January 21st, I attended the Smart Women’s Conference at the Skirball Cultural Center hosted by Urban Wealth Management. I was given the opportunity because of my internship with EmpowHer Institute. The theme of the conference was New Year New You! The most important component of the conference was not just learning tips, tools, and the confidence on how to be your better self in 2017, but the ticket proceeds went to two incredible nonprofit organizations: EmpowHer Institute and BloomAgain Foundation. The seven speakers that presented were passionate, knowledgeable, and energetic. The different topics being tackled that day were financial literacy, financial management, retirement, women’s leadership, and my personal favorite, “Get Paid Like The Boys, Look Like A Woman”. I liked this session because it discussed the importance of first impressions. It reminded me that no matter what, you should always put your best foot forward, or in this case shoe. When you look good, you feel good. The benefit of attending the conference was networking with the other women and learning successful tools on how to gain a better financial future. Overall, the major theme of the conference was empowering women. Teaching women to take control of their finances, encouraging women to be the best leaders, and never be afraid to speak up for yourself. We left the conference feeling empowered and confident, like you can accomplish anytime in 2017 or anything in life.

EmpowHer Institute, Urban Wealth Management, Women Empowerment

Jessica Farrell-EmpowHer Intern

CEO Betty LaMarr telling the audience the goals and mission of EmpowHer Institute

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EmpowHer Needs Your Votes for Lakers Youth Foundation Grant

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EmpowHer Institute is 1 of 5 finalists for The Lakers Youth Foundation YOU GRANT!  Five Los Angeles area nonprofit organizations are in the running to win one $2,500 grant from the Lakers Youth Foundation, and the winner will be decided by YOU (the fans) and EmpowHer Supporters! Please click on this link  and vote for EmpowHer.

Here is the link and the guidelines:Go to this link click on this link and go down to the bottom of the page and vote for EmpowHer Institute.  Voting will end on Monday, June 18th 2012 at 2PM.  Winner will be announced by 5PM on June 18th.

We need your help to WIN!!

Life Moments for Women

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This book project has so much meaning for EmpowHer Institute. Not only is our founder, Betty LaMarr, one of the featured contributors but the proceeds go to the Women’s Foundation of California which is a grantor to  EmpowHer programs. This is the circular motion of the goodness of this book. To purchase your copy follow this link:

This project was started by two amazing women, Maureen Ford and Patty DeDominic to raise $1,000,000 for The Women’s Foundation of California and its grantees through sales of the book, Life Moments for Women! Our intent in compiling these stories from such accomplished women is to awaken, motivate and infuse readers with new ideas about life, leadership, integrity, dignity, and strength. The monies we raise for The Women’s Foundation of California to support the work they do will contribute to achieving these goals.

– Maureen Ford & Patty DeDominic

“The timeless messages in Life Moments for Women will resonate in the hearts of women and girls everywhere. This book illustrates the common bond that all women share.”

— Mariel Hemingway
Actress and Author of Mariel Hemingway’s
Healthy Living from the Inside Out

“Imagine being at a gathering of women where they are sharing their thoughts, their lives, giving and taking the hard-earned wisdom of experience. Now imagine that the 100+ women are all exceptionally accomplished and inspiring. When you read this book, you are welcomed into that wonderful circle.”

— Marcy Carsey, Carsey-Werner Productions
Producer of That ‘70s Show, Roseanne,
The Cosby Show, 3rd Rock from the Sun and more