Support EmpowHer On Giving Tuesday

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Giving Tuesday Screenshot-2014-06-03-09.25.49 We know that so many of you contribute to other charities,so we would like to ask you to do something different this year and donate to EmpowHer Institute. The work we do is changing the future for the 200 teen girls we work with annually. Consider making a donation to create an experience these girls have never had before, seeing a live stage production of Hot Chocolate Nutcracker. Donate $20 for a seat and lunch after the show.
Please donate to this worthy cause and help make a difference!

Humanitarian Award for Betty LaMarr, CEO of EmpowHer Institute

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Our CEO, Betty LaMarr, received the Humanitarian Award for the work we do at EmpowHer Institute. This honor was awarded by FRIENDS OF FULLER (FOF) a charitable organization dedicated to honoring the life and legacy of Fuller B. Gordy, by recognizing outstanding, yet unsung individuals and organizations striving to make the world a better place. They assist those who educate and inspire youth and work to maintain the support systems that uplift the disadvantaged.

The event was held at Universal Studios at Jillian’s Bowling Alley in honor of Fuller B. Gordy being the first Black professional bowler. It was a fun evening with lots of Motown music, stars and memories.

Strikefest v2

Iris Gordy (Co-Founder), Rickeyna (student), B. LaMarr (C), Karla Gordy Bristol (Co-Founder)



Board Members at Strikefest v2 (800x532)

Betty LaMarr, Marilyn Priestley, Claudia Alleyne, Lisa Nicole Bell


Students Study STEAM and Learn to Surf

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Partnering with Digital Media Academy eight EmpowHer Girls were given scholarships to attend a week long class at UC San Diego that allowed them to study science, technology, engineering, arts and math while also learning to surf for the first time. They were able to work with a film crew while they played in the water and then go back to class to edit the film. The week long camp also gave them the opportunity to meet UCSD female Engineering students like Jackie Tran who is majoring in Chemical Engineering. She shared some encouraging words with the girls during a round table discussion. Take a look at the video to see how much fun they had.

STEAM in the Summer Time

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Some of our EmpowHer Girls are having ‘hot fun’ in the summer time studying STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) on the campuses of UCLA and UC San Diego. We are pleased to see such excitement about learning in environments that give them a view to the future of going to college and learning skills of the 21st century. Here are some of their impressions from their experience:

Grecia Velasco:“The most critical experiences that I recieved from digital media academy are:     1. Learning how to create a 3D character, building/constructing the body and later designing it.     2. Being taught on how to use the 3D animation app: MAYA     3. And finally, allowing me to create my own imagination in MAYA! It’s fun!”

Monica Muniz: “In digital media I will always remember how to animate characters. It might seem easy at first, however it’s very dificult. You need to memorize the procedures and rules. If you do not, you’ll have to start all over. At this campus, I learned many things. I will always remember them because I might get to use it later iin life. I can’t wait until next year to win this scholarship to learn many new things. This first day I felt comfortable here. I made many new friends. I feel very welcome here. I hope I can come here next year!”


EmpowHer Institute Host The Seven Summits Women’s Team from Nepal

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EmpowHer was asked by The International Visitors Council of Los Angeles (IVCLA), a non-profit organization that implements the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program of professional and cultural exchanges, to host The Seven Summits Women’s Team from Nepal. Additionally, U.S. Bank, a sponsor of EmpowHer, is co-hosting and inviting some of their employees to meet the group from Nepal. The event will take place on July 21, at 2:00 PM. U.S. Bank is hosting the event at it’s downtown Los Angeles offices.

The team is a group of very inspirational women from Nepal who founded The Seven Summits Women Team; they are the first all-female climbing team setting out to climb the highest mountain on each continent. Currently, the group, composed entirely of women from Nepal, is in the US, having just climbed its 6th peak–Mt. McKinley/ Denali in Alaska. Since 2008, they have visited over 200 schools in Nepal, Australia, Russia, Tanzania, Argentina, and the United States and engaged hundreds of local women in outdoor activities in order to inspire them to participate in activities traditionally considered off limits to women. The team also promotes environmental conservation with the local communities they visit.

To learn more and support their efforts please Click Here:

Seven Summit Women-John Kerry

EmpowHer Board Member Gains Support of Minorities in the Department of Energy

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Elizabeth Koshy IMG_9171EmpowHer Board Member, Elizabeth Koshy met with the Honorable LaDoris (Dot) Harris and MeKell Mikell, Advisor in Washington, D.C. to gain support for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) initiatives for girls in the EmpowHer programs. Working with Minorities at the Department of Energy will create opportunities for us to partner with schools and business to create careers for the workforce of tomorrow.

Empowher Social Media Soft Launch: Participate in #50to100 and #ThankfulThursdays

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Social media campaigns: #50to100 and #ThankfulThursdays

We are in the process of giving our social media pages a boost, but need your help. We know you can make this a huge success while creating awareness about the issues our girls face. For the summer we are launching two social media campaigns: #50to100 and #ThankfulThursdays.

If you have been on our page lately you may have come across our video that examines the graduation rates of inner city girls in Los Angeles County. Currently only 50% of girls are graduating from high school on time, but we can change this. The social media campaign #50to100 aims to bring awareness to this issue and show others that we are doing something in our communities and they can too!

We challenge you to post on your social media pages how you are helping to make 50% of girls who graduate become 100% of girls who graduate. Below please find a few suggested posts, but feel free to make it your own of course and don’t forget to use the #50to100! Also, feel free to post in any language!

Suggested posts for #50to100

-Did you know that only 50% of inner city girls graduate from high school in Los Angeles? I contribute by volunteering with @Empowher. #50to100

-Post a photo of yourself with a sign. Caption: Help us make 50% become 100%. #50to100

-I support @empowHer in order to make #50to100


If you are a social media junkie you may have noticed designated days for happenings throughout the week. Some of these include #TBT which is throwback Thursday. On this day several people will post an old baby picture, an old song or an event that happened in the past. Another day is #MotivationMondays whereby people will post a motivational phrase or photo.

We are launching our own day which is #ThankfulThursdays. We encourage you to post what or who you are thankful for when it comes to Empowher. Also feel free to post something about a woman who has made a difference in your life and don’t forget to use #ThankfulThursdays and include our handle @Empowher so we may “like” “share” and “favorite” your posts on our pages.

It is Women’s History Month

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March is Women’s History Month. EmpowHer Institute is happy to be at the center of this month as we embrace the theme of the United Nations, ‘Inspiring Change’. Our organization is living this message by creating positive alternatives for our marginalized teen girls and helping them to see a bigger vision through the mentors and role models that we bring into their lives.

As part of Women’s History Month, the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls will launch its new YouTube Channel premiering videos about amazing California women and their inspiring stories, our Executive Director, Betty LaMarr, will be featured among this group of women.

EmpowHer Spotlight on Honorable LaDoris ‘Dot’ Harris 2014 Pathmaker Award Honoree

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EmpowHer Spotlight on Honorable LaDoris ‘Dot’ Harris 2014  Pathmaker Award Honoree-EmpowHer is excited to be highlighting the incredible women we will be honoring at this year’s Girls to Greatness Pathmaker Awards Luncheon on April 26th at the Beverly Hills Hotel! This month we are highlighting the Honorable LaDoris Harris, Director of the Office of Economic Impact and Diversity, United States Department of Energy. Ms. Harris has many commendable qualities, demonstrated by her innumerable contributions to the community. EmpowHer has chosen Ms. Harris as an honoree specifically because of her incredible passion and commitment to bringing more awareness and engagement for women and girls in the area of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

 Dot Harris

“Over the years, mentoring has become my greatest joy. There are many blessings when you sincerely commit yourself to helping others achieve their dreams. A special interest I have is promoting the growth of STEM, particularly for minorities and women and girls. The lack of STEM education and jobs in this country is hindering economic growth and jeopardizing national security. My lifetime experiences and expertise have equipped me to accept one of my greatest leadership challenges yet: leading an initiative to increase STEM awareness and engagement of women and minorities in communities across the country.” – Hon. LaDoris Harris (source – See more details and our other honorees at: