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EmpowHer Girls Academy

Grades 7th – 8th

EmpowHer Girls Academy is a school-based program, that is taught as an enrichment or elective class for 7th and 8th grade girls. The class is taught by credentialed counselors and teachers using a social and emotional learning centric curriculum, designed to build confidence, skills, social justice awareness, and college and career readiness. Professional women serve as mentors who expose EmpowHer girls to careers in a multitude of industries and build positive relationships. These mentoring relationships result in our girls feeling supported and encouraged to set and achieve personal, academic and career goals.

EmpowHer Girls Academy Program has four focus areas: confidence, skills development, social justice, and college and career readiness.

Confidence – girls engage in honest discussions that explore their insecurities and emphasis their value and worth.  

Skills Development – academic achievement is supported by new tools and discussions that aid in improved motivation to learn and succeed. Skills for healthy decision making, problem solving, conflict and relationship management, financial management, and communication and public speaking help girls navigate more effectively in their daily lives and build a foundation for their futures.  

Social Justice Awareness – The importance of gender equity and racial justice serves as a through-line in all that we teach. Girls examine the systemic barriers that exist for women of color and are encouraged to develop strategies to navigate these barriers in order to succeed.

Career – professional women from diverse backgrounds and careers serve as mentors for our girls, providing them with encouragement and a vision for success.

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